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Start by Starting

When we consider how we might renew our lives, sometimes we get stuck with all the options, steps, advice, and worry. Do we have all we need? How will it go? What do I do? A teacher gave my son this advice when he was … read more.

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I joined the UU Church, Rockford, in 1982 after the birth of my daughter, Erin. My first visit was prompted by learning that I was 20 weeks pregnant, and facing raising my child as a single mother.

Teresa Wilmot

Brian and I were looking for a new church after having been on the church councils of two churches. We brainstormed our needs and wants in a new congregation…

Judy Gustafson

Time was closing in on my husband Roger and I. Rog’s parents, my folks, and many other family and friends were arriving for the baptism of our baby, Quinn.

Barb Oehlke