Guided by reason and sustained by love, we are a liberal religious community inspiring people to transform our world from inhumanity to love. Come worship with us - you'll be glad you did.

Sunday Morning

Join us for worship on Sunday, November 30, at 9:15 a.m. or 11 a.m. Schuyler Vogel will share a sermon entitled "Learning Grace."

Grace is a hard word to understand. I've found it easiest to grasp when I think about what grace feels like, both to receive it, and to give it, finding something loving and hopeful. When I do, it becomes clearer why grace has been talked about for centuries and why it still has a place in our faith today. 

For children and youth, we offer free nursery and child care (for children under 4) and religious education programs (for children 4 and up).
Join us at 4848 Turner St., Rockford, IL 61107.

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